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Meet Marco, the proud owner of "Bean & Brew Cafe." ☕

At RedEBotDigital, we understand the needs of small business owners like Marco. We’ve empowered entrepreneurs like him to enhance their customer interactions through custom chatbots. Marco’s coffee shop chatbot streamlines order processing, informs customers about daily brews and even offers exclusive promotions. Join us in brewing success for businesses, just like Marco’s.

Introducing Julie, the skilled craftswoman behind "Artisan Creations." 🔨

RedEBotDigital supports artisans and small business owners like Julie. Our chatbots, crafted with dedication, help professionals like Julie showcase their talents, manage inquiries, and schedule custom orders effortlessly. Together, we’re chiseling success for artisans and creators.

Say hello to David, the heart and soul of "Bookworm Haven." 📚

At RedEBotDigital, we’re passionate supporters of local businesses, just like David’s charming bookstore. Imagine having a chatbot like David’s, powered by our expertise, to assist your customers in discovering literary gems, arranging book events, and receiving personalized reading recommendations. Join us in championing the success of small businesses, hand in hand with entrepreneurs like David.”

About Us

Welcome to RedEBotDigital, a small boutique digital marketing agency located in Tijeras, New Mexico. As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in delivering personalized and transformative AI-enhanced chatbot solutions tailored for the unique needs of the small business community. By combining our deep understanding of small business operations with our commitment to empowering businesses of all sizes, we deliver comprehensive chatbot solutions that enhance business communication and growth.

At RedEBotDigital, we understand that the digital landscape is constantly evolving. That’s why we’re passionate about leveraging the power of AI and chatbot technology to help businesses thrive in this dynamic environment. Our dedicated team of experts combines technical prowess with industry insights to create innovative chatbot experiences tailored to your unique business goals.

Collaboration lies at the heart of our approach. We believe in working closely with our clients, valuing your input and expertise throughout the entire chatbot development process. We seamlessly integrate your brand identity and specific requirements into the chatbot’s functionality and user experience, ensuring a smooth integration process from initial discovery and planning stages through development, testing, and user interface design.

As a family-owned agency we take a personalized and hands-on approach to each project. We believe that your success is our success! That’s why we put in extra effort into every automation system to help you help you grow your bottom line. We want to build a partnership based on trust, accountability, and shared achievements. By aligning our incentives with your business goals, we make sure both of us succeed together.

Discover the RedEBotDigital difference. Experience the personalized touch of a family-owned agency combined with the expertise and innovation of a dedicated digital marketing partner. Contact us today to embark on a collaborative journey that revolutionizes your business and unlocks its full potential with AI-powered chatbots.

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What Others Say

Founder & Principal Consultant
Rally Point International

I can honestly say that Rally Point International would not exist if it were not for Skip and the RedEBotDigital team’s tireless efforts. Their expertise in social media marketing, website and chatbot design is exceptional. In addition to their unique skills, they are great people to work with. Skip brings many years of experience as a business owner and international security consultant. As a result, Skip and the RedEBot team are passionate about helping to sustain and grow small businesses and non-profits.  Their amazing products and services are custom-built to help your business succeed. You’ll be happy you partnered with a team of folks who really do want you to be successful!

Chief Training Officer
Leader Within

I have known Skip O’Brien for more than a decade. We have worked together on numerous assignments all over the world and as a result, I have gotten to know Skip’s purpose. He genuinely wants to make a difference in the world by helping others succeed. When RedEBotDigital was first formed,  I knew that I wanted these guys to build my new website. Although RedEBot specializes in building chatbots for the Security industry and the small business community, I was glad that Skip and his team agreed to build my new website. It truly is amazing! It speaks to my customers, is very intuitive and easy to navigate. My customers and I love it!


My favorite thing about Skip is his genuine willingness and desire to help others succeed. His unique knowledge of digital marketing along with his many years of experience working in the security industry makes him a tremendous asset to any organization’s effort to grow and scale.

Skip’s kind and insightful demeanor is evident from the very first moment you meet him and has persisted through the many months I’ve worked with him. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and would be a great fit for any team of any size/background.

If you’re looking to grow your company/organization using cutting-edge technology, you’d be foolish to pass up the opportunity to work with Skip and the RedEBotDigital team.

Meet Our Founder & Chief Bot Architect

We are a Certified Service Disabled
Veteran Owned Small Business

James C. “Skip” O’Brien, an experienced educator, international speaker, and entrepreneur with over 40 years of diverse experience, is the driving force behind RedEBotDigital. From his early days as a paperboy in Mississippi to owning a regional ambulance service in Texas and a successful international consulting company, Skip intimately understands the challenges faced by the small business community. His vision for RedEBotDigital emerged from a desire to address these challenges through purpose-built digital marketing strategies.

Skip’s true passion lies in working with the small business community and non-profits, aiming to make a positive difference in people’s lives. As the founder of RedEBotDigital, he is committed to helping small businesses and non-profits succeed by implementing innovative strategies that set them apart, fuel growth, and enhance their bottom line.

Under Skip’s leadership, RedEBotDigital is unwaveringly dedicated to excellence, emphasizing a small specialty approach to deliver exceptional results in every endeavor. The mission is clear: empower small businesses and non-profits through tailored strategies that foster growth and drive success. Experience the expertise and passion of Skip and his team at RedEBotDigital as they guide businesses and non-profits toward a prosperous future.

Our Approach

We Use Our Experience To Create Yours


At RedEBotDigital we want to build long-term relationships with our clients and become their trusted marketing partners. Our services and recommendations are always rooted in best practices, current trends and are tailored to fit the client’s specific needs.

We begin every project by listening to you. We want to clearly understand your business and learn about your challenges and what you want to accomplish.

Based on our conversation and evaluation of your business we will jointly make a determination if our company is a good fit to meet your goals and ambitions.

If we are a good fit, we will set out to build a custom chatbot automation system that aligns with your business values, focuses on the channels that are most appropriate for your company, and matches your specific goals, objectives, and audience.

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